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manforce100 (Sildenafil Citrate)

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Product Code : man100
Country of Origin : india
Dosage Form : Tablet
Indication : Erectile Dysfunction
Packaging : 4 Tablets in a Strip
Active Ingredient : Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer : Mankind Pharma

Purchase Manforce 50mg and 100mg tablet for male Generic drug of sildenafil citrate online at a reasonable price from a most trusted website to cure erectile dysfunction.

Shop Manforce tablet online in the USA

Purchase Manforce 50mg and 100mg tablet for male Generic drug of sildenafil citrate online at a reasonable price from a most trusted website to cure erectile dysfunction. Get all information regarding this medicine like the review, use, side effect, dosage (Missed/Over), Composition, Substitutes, Questions answers, Precautions, manufactured by Mankind Pharma, how it works, how long does last and many more. You can also get fast delivery in UK, USA, Australia, France, China.

What are Manforce Tablets?

It has sildenafil citrate  pill as their main ingredient which normally known as the blue pill also and is used mostly for treating male erectile dysfunction problems. It is an allopathic medicine which is manufactured by an Indian pharmaceutical company called Mankind Pharma. Male erectile dysfunction is a common problem all around the world, and sildenafil citrate is a proven cure for this infirmity. This article will describe to you how sildenafil gets used for treating erectile dysfunction and what necessary precautions you need to take before using this drug, what are its side effects and its recommended doses. It has to note that this pill is a prescription drug and should only be taken when a doctor has specifically prescribed it to you. It is best to buy Manforce tablet 100mg online from our safe generic pharmacy with Paypal and credit card payment option at a cheap rate.

When is prescribed?

Manforce tablet 50 mg is used for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. Sildenafil improves blood flow into the male genital organs and thus facilitates a stronger and longer erection which is necessary for a good sexual experience.

How does work?

When a man is sexually aroused and excited, blood will flow inside the corpus cavernosum of his penis at a high rate as the blood vessels inside his penis will be dilating by a process known as vasodilatation. However, there can be many times when this process can get impeded and inhibited by enzymes like PDE5 or phosphodiesterase type 5. Sildenafil nitrate ensures that the cGMP and nitric oxide in your bloodstream are not affected by PDE5 and vasodilatation gets adequately maintained. Its results in constant blood flow into your penis which helps in maintaining a prolonged and robust erection which occurs in satisfying sexual intercourse. Sildenafil helps to regulate blood flow in other parts of your body as well, and hence it is used for treating people with pulmonary diseases.

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How to use manforce tablet?

Manforce 50 mg tablets can be taken by men to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction. It is a drug that should be taken orally. This drug has to be taken orally by swallowing it in whole with a glass of water. It should not be bitten or chewed or broken into smaller parts but consumed in entirety. These medicines are not for sexual arousal, and they should be taken at least half an hour ideally to an hour before starting sexual intercourse. This pill should be considered only once every day. This is a prescription drug and should be made once you have consulted your doctor.

What is the dosage of manforce 100mg pill?

The recommended dosage of medication daily at least an hour before commencing sexual activities. It is available in doses of 50 mg and 100 mg. Consult your doctor to know which one will suit your requirements. You must not have these drugs more than once every day. Medicines that are nitrate-based should not be taken in conjunction with this medicine. Nitrate-based such medicines are usually administered to people suffering from chest pains and heart problems. Thus nitroglycerin, amyl nitrates, isosorbide dinitrate and nitrate poppers should be avoided, or if you are on these medications, then you should avoid it entirely.

Missed Dose

If you have lost your daily dosage, then you should first contact your doctor immediately and then take his or her advice. However, you can always have the jelly later in the day, at least half an hour before starting your sexual intercourse.


In case of overdosing on 50mg and 100mg tablets, you must contact your doctor immediately and get proper medical attention.

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